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Omites (o-me-tes) - Empowering Women

Omites Project is a non-profit organization for women. We have a team of friendly staff and are dedicated to providing resources and supplies, such as food, to single mothers and women who are not in a privileged situation.

We also help them learn skills that, in turn, help them empower other women.

Omites Project

Our Purpose & Goal

Our project 'Omites' began with a dream to help struggling women acquire important resources and skillsets to improve their lives, their children's lives, and the communities they inhabit.

We truly believe that when you help a woman, you are helping the community. Women of the world raise children that will later grow up and determine society's tides and the community itself. We believe, by strengthening women, we strengthen our youth, and the next generation.

Omites Project

Securing Single Mothers

Omites Project is a charitable organization or resource for single mothers. We are dedicated to improving women's economic and physical security by making them independent, confident, and self-sufficient. Our staff helps them learn new things and support them through empowerment initiatives to succeed both personally and financially.

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